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Senior Year

Wow where to even begin. First and foremost I would like to say that this year has definitely been one of the best years I’ve had. Despite all the heartbreak, back stabbing, being the lowest of the low it was an overall great experience. Everything that could of have possibly go wrong actually did. Which is quite funny to me. It has taught me many lessons but created many memorable moment. I’ve lost so many friends but gained soo much more that I genuine will keep around for the rest of my life. This year has its fair shares of lows and highs. It is one of the most stressful times of my life. Finically, physically, mentally, I wasn’t prepared for this year. I remember sitting in my room on that cold late November night crying my eyes out. I just thought about how I literally had not even a single penny to my name, how I was gonna pass my math quiz the next day, when someone would reach out and ask if I was okay or not. It was my lowest of lows. I would never forget that feeling of crying and just being crushed. I wasn’t motivated to do anything anymore. I didn’t want to get up for school the next day or get up at all really. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch the time pass and heal itself. I wanted my life to be back to where it was. Where my long mermaid hair would flow in the summer breeze, where I was always laughing my heart out. I missed those days but sadly it turned into a cold dark sink hole. So the next week it was Thanksgiving.. I was with all my family and I remember that  walked down to the pond and sat on the bench and watched Gods creation. From then I thought to myself ” what am I doing? Why aren’t I ambitious anymore?” So I walked the long way back  the house and made a plan. That was to live my life the fullest and don’t hold back. Whatever happens, happens. So I got myself out of that sinkhole and started to enjoy my senior year. So since that day I’ve met so many people and created strong bonds, Got financially stable, made plan, stick with it, and make the best with what you got. I’m ready to graduate and start a new chapter.


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