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I feel so alone..

I just need to vent to one is willing to listen to i decided to vent on here. Hopefully someone out there understands and gives me some piece of advice. we go;

I hate the situation that we are in. We aren’t talking on good terms. It was all good but till I made that mistake. I made that fault. Yes i do understand how you feel. Ive been through it before, I’m sorry. You probably hate me and never wanna see me again. It just hurts so much that we are like this. We were once so close now we are so distance. I wonder how you feel through all of this; hurt, alone, confusion, sad, mad, angry..the list probably goes on.

Ive also have so much weight put on me. At school my EOC is coming up. I’m stressing out. its 25% of my FINALE grade. I’m scared to death about the algebra 2 test. The english 2 isn’t going to be so bad. But I’m going to hate is to start my day out with one of my teachers that I don’t like. uhhhhh..

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